Sluice & Slide Gate Actuators: Solar or AC, Easy Install, Lowest Cost

Watch Technologies’ sluice gate actuators and slide gate actuators are simpler by design to use, install and maintain; solar-ready (dramatically lower-priced solar applications) and SCADA-ready; and shipped in 4 weeks or less. Sold as a stand-alone system or as a node on a network.


WT-200VC gate actuator: remote solar-powered, stand-alone application on 3 gates

Why Go Solar? 

Bringing electricity to a remote location is extraordinarily expensive. The USFS saved $185,000 by using WT’s solar-powered actuator instead of bringing out electricity to one site. WT’s sluice and slide gate actuators are the ONLY solar-ready gate actuators on the market that retrofit to an existing gate without any modifications. If you don’t automate, you can’t manage in real time, and you can’t save water!

WT Provides 3 Types of Gate Actuators:

Standard Gate Actuator


  • Light, medium, heavy duty lift
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Easy access switch panel and wiring
  • Bronze drivenut
  • Removable handwheel
  • 25k lb thrust bearings above and below drivenut
  • Easy retrofit to any stem gate
  • Low-cost Solar or AC powered
  • Embedded 12 AmpHr sealed lead acid battery

Smart Gate Actuator: Standard Actuator, plus:


  • Embedded PLC for stand-alone applications or SCADA (Network) node
  • Optional RTU components (PLC, RF and or Modem, I/O terminals, antenna)
  • Control and Communication Software
  • Web Server

Smart Gate Actuator: CR300 Web Server datalogger/controller


  • Web Server
  • Custom screens and software
  • Stand-alone or network capable
  • Digital and Analog I/O
  • Solid State Relays

WT-100 Gate Actuator Data Sheet

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WT-200 Gate Actuator Data Sheets

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WT-300 Gate Actuator Data Sheets

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