WT-300 Heavy-Lift Gate Actuators


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Simple proven technology at lower cost

The WT-300 Heavy-Lift Gate Actuator is so strong, it's scary – up to 200 ft lbs torque and more. Easily installed, solar-ready, lowest cost retrofit to existing gear lifts (pictured at right), or direct to stem. Perfect for large and hard to open gates and valves, headgates, check structures, canals, laterals, pipelines, and a variety of industrial applications; SCADA-ready.

WT-300 Heavy-Lift Gate Actuators

Unique design: Unique design: Watch Technologies' WT-300 Heavy-Lift Gate Actuators are well suited to large stems, old gates, and very heavy slides. Unlike other companies' actuators that are increasingly complicated, expensive, and hard to fix, WT invented sprocket and chain actuators that are so simple by design that anyone can assemble, operate, and maintain them. WT Gate Actuators fit any rising or non-rising stem gate or valve.

After with WT-300 Actuatoradditional cost for solar or AC actuator power applications.

Why solar? WT Gate Actuators are the ONLY solar-ready actuators on the market available to retrofit existing gates and valves. Solar power eliminates the need for any AC power in remote environments; no additional cost for solar or AC actuator power applications.

Easy automation: Easy to install, easy to hook up to SCADA, no calibration needed.

With or without a “brain:” With an embedded, programmable controller, WT Gate Actuators manage flow, levels, and scheduled operations either stand-alone, or connected to a larger SCADA system. WT Gate Actuators allow external sensor input and can run multiple gates.

Instant fit with all Watch Technologies’ integrated products: WT is the ONLY company that designs and manufactures innovative sluice gates of all sizes, actuators, and SCADA systems that all link together seamlessly and cost efficiently -- no system integration required.


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Specifications Summary: Standard Vertical or Gearlift Configuration
Drive System: Sprocket and #40 chain, typical 1:2 drive ratio, stem speed flexible
Torque range: 22.5 ft. lbs. to 192.5 ft. lbs continuous, 40ft. lbs. to 337 ft. lbs. breakaway
Power: 12 or 24 VDC, 7.2 – 14.4 Amp-Hr/day for adjustments (12 per hr typical), fused torque limits
Standard Electrical Panel: Toggle HOA, momentary manual up/down, Off, Auto (SCADA) hardwired limit logic
Battery: 12 or 24 VDC 18 Amp-hr sealed lead-acid.
Options:Internal position sensor, vertical or horizontal stem orientation, limit switch assemblies, telemetry, embedded controller (flow, level, position control, custom programming available)
Patent pending

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