Smart Sluice Gates

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WT Smart Gate Geaph before ans after

Fully integrated automated gates. Actuators by Watch Technologies suited for light to heavy lift applications. Smart Gates can be programed for stand-alone operations (level, flow control, etc.) or as nodes on SCADA networks. Deployed at reservoirs, canals for check structures and canal turnouts, pipelines, pump stations, water treatment plants, and flood control sites. 

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WT-Smart Gate Demo Part I

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Summary Specifications for Smart Sluice Gates

Gate Type: Rising or non-rising stem, headgates, pond and reservoir dischage control, Radial (Tainter), flood control, canal, check structures, pipe outlets, spill containment; any size gate
Control Options: Maintain up or downstream level or flow, adjust gate position and/or equipment operations on data input based on a schedule; custom programming available
Power-Typ Max Daily: 12 or 24 VDC, WT-100 4Amp-hr/day, WT-200 6/Amp-hr/day, WT-300 9 Amp-hr/day
Controller I/O: RUG3 typical 6 analog, 8 digital, 4 digital out (10A relays), 4 analog out, enhanced IO and custom controllers available
Control Panel: HOA, local manual up/down, off, auto for remote control telemetry (SCADA)

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