Robust Sluice Gates (Slide Gates)

Watch Technologies designs & manufactures:

  • Standard Sluice Gate (slide gate)– undershot (bottom-up) any size, flush and channel mount, fit into slots to replace boards, any size
  • Weir Gate (top-down) – overshot for flow measurements
  • Double Stem Sluice and Weir Gate – Duals stems for blade stability in wide openings and very heavy gates
  • Split Gate – a WT innovation producing the best Check Structure options available– two blades in one frame (bottom up and top down). Standard single or double stem for debris/silt removal and emergency large flow dumps and Independent Blade where both blades operate independently for double blade automation.
  • “Smart” Sluice Gates – another WT innovation –  WT gates with integrated Controller (PLC), add telemetry for integrated Actuator and RTU in one enclosure.
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically -actuated Sluice Gate

Why order a WT Sluice Gate?

  1. Sluice Gates are built to last, meet or beat AWWA Standards
  2. Simpler by design, easier to install & maintain
  3. Ready to be automated with WT Gate Actuators and SCADA
  4. Works with your (SCADA control) equipment, or we can provide a complete system
  5. Fast: get a quote next business day, plans in a few days; shipped faster – just 6 to 8 weeks for gates

Your best solution for many applications:

  • District-Wide distribution: Headgates, Check structures, Canal management,  Laterals, and Turnouts
  • On-Farm: Delivery Gates, Canal control, flood irrigation
  • Industrial applications: Spill containment, runoff management
  • Water and Wastewater facilities
  • Reservoirs, Containment ponds, Dams
  • Flood Control
  • Flow and/or level control anywhere

We can help you save water, time and money.