Tainter (Radial) Gates

Experienced gate manufacturer of small to 10-ton Tainter gates. Most gates can be delivered in 60 days or less.

Any Size

Simple, Robust Design

Engineering as required

Stainless Steel, Powder-Coated A-36 or Epoxy Painted

Stainless Trunnions and Pins

Removable Bronze Sleeves for Trunnion Pins in Gate Arms


6’ x 8’ A-36 Carbon Steel, Powder-Coated Tainter Gate, Anabella Lake, Utah, 1500 Lbs

Tainter 1

Stainless Hardware

Stainless Wear-Plates and Sills

Neoprene Sill and Wear-Plate Seals

Lift and Winch Assemblies

Fast delivery, ship to anywhere

Tainter gates are the heavy-weights in the gate market. market. They are used to manage large flow or storage applications. Their shape, a convex curved faceplate supported from behind by two triangular arms, brilliantly transfers what can be enormous loads to two Trunnion pins fixed to the sides of a concrete bay. Tainter Gate Being Installed at American Dam & Canal, Rio Grande, TX, 5 Tons. 

While they are often made fairly small for canals of fairly light-weight materials, they can get to extremely large size weighing many tons and require very heavy-duty materials. A typical Radial gate is +/- 20' wide x 8-14' tall with 15-18' radial arms and weights 7-10,000 lbs. Watch manufactures the gates and lifting mechanisms that operate the gates. Watch Radial gates can be painted or powder-coated. Tainter Gate Installed at Lower Malad Lake, Utah, 4,000 Lbs

20’ x 14’  Tainter Gate Before Powder-Coating, Little Black Bayou, LA, 3 ½ Tons

Dietrich Drop Drive-Line: Typical Gate Lifting Mechanism

American Dam & Canal: 12 Tainter Gates, 4 – 5 Tons Each, Rio Grande River, El Paso, TX (Remove and Replace)

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    WT will provide you with an experienced installation team to RNR or refurbish your gate or actuation system, anywhere.

  • Radial Gate Design and Manufacture

    WT provides unmatched Radial Gate design and manufacture, resulting in robust, effective, easy-to-operate gates and actuation systems. We provide fast delivery and very competitive pricing.

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