IF YOU IRRIGATE USING PUMPS YOU NEED PUMPWATCH TO SAVE 95% OF LABOR TO MONITOR. Remotely monitor pumps on your cell phone or internet-capable device. Get real-time alerts to phone or email. Spanish language available.

Robust Irrigation Gates (Medium Duty)

Lighter duty Stainless Steel or Aluminum frames and blades (3/16" vs. 1/4" or more for standard gates) using WT-50 compact controller system and Linear Actuators. 

Smart Sluice Gates

Fully integrated, independent, 100% complete control stations that can be instantly deployed for reservoir and canal control, check structures canal turnout, pipeline, pump station, water treatment, and flood control applications.

Smart Split Gates

Dual blade, dual action, automated, solar-powered or AC, Smart Split Gates by Watch Technologies combines the functionality of two separate gates into one: bottom-updischarge flow control, debris sluicing, and automatic emergency dump, and top-downsurface control and/or measuring weir.

Tainter Gates

Watch Technologies designs, manufactures, replaces and removes Radial  Gates /Tainter Gates.  Our niche is the small to medium size gates.

Smart Gate Actuators

Our Smart Gate Actuators do what no other actuator can, with embedded programmable logic that enables them to accept data from multiple analog or digital sensors, and provide control for multiple off-gate equipment operations, actuators that are RTUs.

WT-100/200 Light-Medium Lift Gate Actuators

Robust, easily installed and solar-ready, WT's low cost WT-100/200 Lift Gate Actuators are the best solution for small to medium gates and valves for irrigation turnout automation, pump and pipeline control stations, and water treatment plant valve control; SCADA-ready.

WT-300 Heavy-Lift Gate Actuators

The WT-300 Heavy-Lift Gate Actuator is so strong, it's scary – up to 200 ft lbs torque and more. Easily installed, solar-ready, lowest cost retrofit to existing gear lifts (pictured at right), or direct to stem. Perfect for large and hard to open gates and valves, headgates, check structures, canals, laterals, pipelines, and a variety of industrial applications; SCADA-ready.

WT-RUG 3 RTU Controller/Base Station

Easy to use canned RTU Software for monitoring and control applications. Anyone can Operate and Install - Designed for ease of use by non-technical staff. Twist-on the sensors, turn RTU on, install setpoints, for example, tank levels to start/stop a pump, and go.

Robust Sluice Gates (Heavy Duty)

Simpler by design, easier to install & maintain. Sluice Gates are built to last, meet or beat AWWA Standards.

We can help you save water, time and money.