About Jack Goldwasser,
Founder and CEO

jackJack Goldwasser has 30 years experience in data collection, remote monitoring, and SCADA systems in several industries, helping organizations and government agencies increase the efficiency of their operations.

Jack became skilled at field data collection and remote monitoring after founding Mountain Energy Inc. (MEI) in 1978 to develop and own hydroelectric generation facilities. After designing and building a 50-kilowatt interconnect hydroelectric facility in Cave Junction, OR, Jack acted as a consultant on numerous hydroelectric projects in the Western Hemisphere, and gained expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of very remote data collection systems needed for hydroelectric reconnaissance studies, licensing, and financing.

By the mid 1980's Jack was awarded large-scale data collection and telemetry contracts with federal, state and commercial businesses for projects including drainage-wide ALERT Flood Warning systems for flood control, integrated weather station systems, and process and environmental remote monitoring at fish hatcheries.

founder_2In 1995, Jack won a contract with the US Navy Inactive Fleet to supply four of its fleets with radio-based monitoring and alarm systems. The project was a major success and remains in operation today. It propelled Jack into marine telemetry applications (1995-present) culminating in the Beaumont Reserve Fleet and USDOT – MARAD Central Region adopting MEI’s VesselWatch Marine Telemetry System for general use within its jurisdiction by 2004.

Since 2003, Jack's focus has become helping farmers, ranchers, vintners, irrigation districts, and water utilities make their operations more efficient through data collection and monitoring equipment, and SCADA automation, enabling them to save time, money, and conserve water. He is also providing remote monitoring solutions for cathodic protection.

founder_3Jack constantly looks for more cost effective ways to solve clients' problems. He has developed several new products such as very low cost integrated radio-based RTUs in a broad-based array of I/O options, off-the-shelf monitoring stations deployable by non-professional staff, user-friendly accessible SCADA HMI software that anyone with basic computer operations skills can maintain, automation retrofit equipment for agricultural gates manageable by the average farmer, rancher, or Irrigation District staff member, dual-action “smart” gates that can control surface conditions and dump flow or sediment as required in an emergency or on a schedule, and easily maintained internet interfaced HMI software. He has patented numerous data logging equipment (1997-2000) and electronic contact manufacturing products (2000-present).

We can help you save water, time and money.