Solutions for Irrigation, Flood Control & Water Management

We can help you save water, time and money.

Sluice/Slide Gates

Sluice & Slide Gates: We design and manufacture all sizes using all materials. Fully integrated, stand-alone control stations can be instantly deployed.


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Tainter Gates

Tainter/Radial Gates: We design, manufacture, replace, and remove. Our niche size is small to medium.
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WT gate actuators are so simple that no technician is required to install, operate & maintain. The WT Smart Gate Actuator* has an embedded controller so it’s also an RTU

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Savings and Simplicity at Your Fingertips

Watch Technologies is the only U.S. company that makes a complete line of innovative water control products designed to easily integrate with each other and operate as systems – no system integration  needed! All products are manufactured and assembled in the US and shipped ready to deploy. We will work closely with you to ensure that all products are specific to your needs.

Simpler by design to use, install and maintain

Solar-ready and SCADA-ready

Lower priced

Shipped faster – just 6 to 8 weeks for gates, 4 to 6 weeks for actuators

Extraordinary support

Sold separately or as an integrated system.

Watch Technologies - The Leader in Water Control Equipment & Systems

Contact Watch Technologies now for cutting-edge solutions that will save you time and money:  sluice or irrigation gatesgate actuators, tainter/radial gates, pump monitoring, automated flood irrigation, and other water control equipment and systems.

Why Choose Us

Leveraging Our Experience

Experience is the number one reason to contact Watch Technologies for gates, actuators, RTUs, telemetry and SCADA systems. 

Providing extraordinary support

With Watch Technologies, you gain an experienced partner who genuinely cares about you and your equipment over the long haul.

Understanding your needs

When selecting a resource to make your operations more efficient, WT understands your need for cost control, the right fit of equipment and technology, timely performance, and dedicated support after installation. 

Creating the right fit

Sold separately or as an integrated system
WT will recommend an effective system that is designed so that anyone can operate it – little or no special training will be required. 

Innovating cost-saving solutions

WT is constantly innovating more effective and lower priced products for our clients. If there is currently no solution to meet a need, we will invent, design and manufacture it. 

Watch Technologies will save you labor, water, time & money.