Standard Sluice Gate Actuators

Watch Technologies' Standard Sluice Gate Actuators are the MOST AFFORDABLE and EASY TO USE on the market, shipped in 4 weeks. Set up for solar or AC.

Available With or Without a “Brain” (Programmable Controller)

  • With the controller, a smart gate can automatically manage flow, levels, and scheduled operations either stand-alone, or connected to a SCADA system.
  • Without a programmable controller, our actuators simply make gates easier to operate, saving operators lots of time and energy.


Features of WT Sluice & Slide Gate Actuators:

  • Water- and dust-proof
  • Flip-down front enables easy access to the electronics and battery
  • Enlarged enclosure to allow for more components and easier access

Simple to Install & Maintain:

  • So simple to use no technician is required to install or keep operating.
  • With a WT sluice gate actuator, no modification to your system is needed — you simply bolt it onto any size rising or non-rising stem gate or valve.
  • Unlike other companies who are making gate actuators that are getting increasingly complicated, expensive, and hard to fix, we invented gate actuators that are extremely simple – they are more like a bicycle than a motorcycle.
  • Everything will fit together seamlessly & work well together—no system integrator required.


Available in 3 Strengths:

  • WT Light Gate Actuator (WT-100)—low cost makes automation of turnouts affordable
  • WT Medium Gate Actuator (WT-200)—for medium to large gates and valves, headgates, check structures, canals, laterals, and pipelines
  • WT Heavy Lift Gate Actuator (WT-300)—up to 200 ft lbs of torque.

WT Sluice Gate Actuators bring actuation to WT’s high quality, low cost Sluice Gates which can be delivered within 4 weeks.

brochureWT Sluice Gate Actuators and complementary WT products are sold independently — or as part of an integrated system, ready for automation

  • WT Sluice Gate Actuators can be easily automated with WT’s innovative telemetry products such as the super low-cost, solar-powered WISI Mini RTU Wireless Sensor Interface Remote Terminal Unit WiSI Mini RTU and SCADA systems.

*Actuator: US Patent Pending

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