Telemetry and RTUs

product_wisiRemote data collection and control system manufacture and installation have been the principal work of Watch Technologies (WT) for nearly 30 years.

Remote data collection, Telemetry by definition, is the job. WT manufactures telemetry equipment for the same reasons it manufactures gates and actuators: so the equipment has access to low-cost, easy to operate and deploy solar-suitable  RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units) and Base Stations fit with various communications options (hard-wire, radio, cellular, and satellite).

Meadow Island 2 / Beeman ditch diversion off the South Platte River near Fort Lupton, Colorado.

product_rug9aWe can provide water management telemetry as part of an integrated system. Or all components can be purchased separately.

Over time, WT has come to offer these products to the public as well as WT’s “system” clients.

We can help you save water, time and money.