Stand-alone Station Watch™

Remotely Monitor and Control Canal Flow and Level

The 40-second video above shows how the Stand-alone Station Watch gate is operated by computer via the Internet. Now you can operate a gate using your computer or cellphone wherever you have internet connection—your office or overseas.

Stand-alone Station Watch is a new stand-alone, solar-powered gate with web server that enables remote flow and level control. It is a low-cost solution to help solve today’s critical water management challenges.

Now, any Watch Technologies gate and actuator combo can be fit with a web-serving controller/data logger that will automatically and independently maintain a flow, upstream pool level, or downstream canal level.

Benefits of this unique gate with web server:

  • Remotely monitor, change setpoints, and receive user configurable alarms on your cell phone, ipad or computer
  • Does all that traditional SCADA systems can do for a single station anywhere there is a cell connection.
  • Easy software updates
  • Very low initial investment
  • Low monthly cell-time expense

The screenshot on the right is an example of the display and control options you will see on your computer or cellphone when operating a Station Watch gate remotely. Toggle switches operate the gate, site data is displayed (gate position, battery voltage, communication signal strength, canal or pool depth, time and date) as well as a rolling graph of water depth or flow or both. Of course, each site will require unique data and control displays.