On Farm Water Management

Managing On-Farm water distribution has historically been a manual operation. Automating On-Farm canal control and flood irrigation gates in particular has proven both technically and economically out of reach, until now.

Automated On Farm Water Management

Watch Technologies' solar powered medium duty linear-actuated check gates and the AutoFlood control system have changed all that. From the time water deliveries are detected entering an on-farm canal AutoFlood takes over to initiate flooding by operating delivery gates to flood a field and managing Check Gates to maintain proper canal levels. System operators setup the sequence of gate operations in a Controller and the system sequentially floods each Land (Check) which is monitored by a Water-Present sensor that lets the controller know when flow has reached it so the Controller can calculate how much longer the field needs to be watered for proper coverage of the crop while minimizing spill at the end of the field. When flooding is complete, the system puts itself to sleep and waits for water to re-enter the canal and start the process over again. AutoFlood will replace the work of Irrigators saving money and improving irrigation efficiency. Irrigation management will convert to monitoring the system via a telemetry system that allows direct real-time Operator input and data collection. Data collected from AutoFlood will allow farmers to know exactly what happened and when it happened on each section of each field where AutoFlood is installed and be able to track irrigation performance over time.

SmartFlow Control System

Check Gate in Canal

Delivery Gate Automation Before and After - Grant Pass, Oregon

Delivery Gates Before and After

Auto Flood - 24 Gate Canal

Installed Auto Flood on 24 Gate Canal

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