WISI Mini RTU Wireless Sensor Interface Remote Terminal Unit

product_wisiAn entirely new approach to SCADA and remote sensing.

The WiSI Mini RTU is a fully integrated miniature RTU with:

  • Weatherproof fully encapsulated assembly (IP67)
  • Solar panel
  • Embedded transceiver and antenna
  • Transmit indicator LED
  • Single waterproof connector for all I/O
    Typical I/O:
    - 4-12 bit analog (0-5V 0-2∙5V, +/-1∙8V, 4-20 mA, RTD)
    - 4 Digital Inputs
    - 4 Digital Outputs
    - 5V and 12V external power supply (50mA total external load)
    - Optional I/O Configurations.
  1. Slips into any 2” internal diameter pipe or opening and is 100% deployed.
  2. Pass a magnet over the top anytime to verify DS-100 Mini RTU operations.
  3. In addition to normal DS-100 duties, the DS-100 Router (Repeater) and DS-100C Coordinator (PLC or PC Interface) are always on. They require an external solar panel to receive and relay data or alarms at any time.
  4. Deploy in relocatable 2” internal diameter tube anywhere convenient to data collection and control needs.
  5. Units can be positioned higher off the ground for better RF path.
  6. Each DS-100 Mini RTU variation has a unique address, and knows how to route data to the Base Station DS 100-C and HMI for processing, display, return commands, or setpoint changes.

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