Automate Flood Irrigation

Why Farmers and Irrigators Need AutoFlood™ NOW

Farmers and irrigators face huge challenges related to the cost of labor, especially in states like California where new labor laws have increased the cost of labor 50% and more. At the same time, in some areas there are incentives to save precious water.

The revolutionary patented* AutoFlood almost eliminates all your labor costs and saves water at the same time. It is now successfully employed in the Imperial Valley with tremendous results.

Completely automates flood irrigated fields – near ZERO human intervention needed!
Reduces irrigator labor costs 90%
Monitor and control via cell phones
Retrofits to existing pipe (delivery) gate frames
Reduces irrigation spill to near zero – estimated 10% water savings

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*U.S. Pat. No. 10,039,242

How AutoFlood Works

AutoFlood retrofits to manually-operated delivery gates. The AutoFlood system senses when water enters an on-farm canal, wakes the system up, controls all the field gates, Pipe and Check-gates, and detects water as it moves down field so AutoFlood can optimize water conservation by virtually eliminating spill into drainage canals.

After AutoFlood irrigates a section of the field, it repeats the irrigation cycle automatically across the field until everything is properly watered. Irrigators can easily monitor and control AutoFlood via cellphone or pc.

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Unattended AutoFlood Operations

Detects water flow into on-farm canal and wakes up AutoFlow Opens and closes pipe (delivery) gates in user defined sequence:

  1. Detects flow down-field to calculate time to complete flooding
  2. Goes to sleep when irrigation is done and waits for water to re-renter canal.
before auto flood


auto flood


AutoFlood Control System

System Components

Autoflood installation

Gate Retrofit Assembly

UPGRADED WT-50 Solar powered gate actuator system in UPGRADED NEMA 4 enclosure
100 mW 900 MHz spread spectrum radio w/on-board microprocessor
304 Stainless Steel "A"- frame actuator platform and gate blade
12-Volt linear actuator w/ internal position sensor and limit switch
Manual Up/Down switch

The AutoFlood retrofit slips right into a standard "pipe" delivery frame once the old blade is removed. The new AutoFlood blade with its attached "A"-frame actuator platform assembly is ready to automate flood irrigation as soon as the frame is bolted to the canal and a battery is installed in the WT-50 enclosure. It will be able to "talk" to its Controller, open fully or partially as needed by the system, and collect and report its station data.

Water Present Sensor

All weather potted water sensor probe
100 mW 900 MHz spread spectrum radio
Dual "C" sized lithium-ion batteries
External sensor status, reset, communication buttons
Schedule 40 UV protected PVC enclosure

Sensors are deployed down-field from the canal at a user-defined location. They detect irrigation flow as it goes down the field and transmits that data to the hub. The hub then calculates the unique transit time from the canal to the water-present sensor for that specific watering. The unique transit time is converted into a finish time to complete watering from the sensor to the drainage ditch.

water present sensor

Field Controller (Hub)

Micro-controller manages operations for any number of gates
100 mW 900 MHz spread spectrum radio
UPGRADED NEMA 4X enclosure
Bigger box with 5Amp-hour GSM battery
Lockable box
Box is positioned flat for easier access
Upgraded 2 1/2-Watt solar panel with 360-degree turning capability to optimize solar exposure

The hub is the brain of the on-farm AutoFlood system. It manages communication to all gates and sensors, while controlling gate position, Check gate position, and on-farm canal level, collects and transmits data to the internet including battery voltage, and station data. It performs calculations for water flow transit times, and much more. The hub also generates system alarms that are communicated to end users via cell-modem, text or email, or can also be picked up locally through the 900 MHz radio network. Irrigators will define their irrigation sequence preferences and generally customize how AutoFlood will work for them by changing AutoFlood setpoints in the Controller.


Automated Check Gates for On-Farm Canals

Medium-Duty Watch Technologies slide gate
304 Stainless Steel blade and frame
UHMW blade guides and Neoprene sill seal
Heavy-duty 12-Volt linear actuator w/ internal position sensor and limit switches
WT-50 Solar powered gate actuator system in
NEMA 4 enclosure
100 mW 900 MHz spread spectrum radio w/on-board microprocessor
Manual Up/Down switch

Check-gates are used in on-farm canals to manage proper water level (head) at pipe gates. Typically, Check-gates divide an on-farm canal into sections and are closed and opened as irrigation operations move downstream along the canal to assure sufficient head at the most upstream pipe openings of each segment. AutoFlood also can use the Checks to manage canal level against system intolerable extremes of water level.

SmartFlow Control System

We will save you water, time and money.